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The Power Rankings


PR:††††† Team (SCMAT1, SCVARSITY2, # Non-Returning SQ3, # of non-SCVARSITY ranked wrestlers4, # of non-TOP 8 SCMAT wrestlers5, # of In-State Losses6, Strength in Schedule7, Highest In-State Tournament Placement8) points Ė Quality Wins9=POINTS


1:†††††††† Dutch Fork†††† (off, 1, 8, 2, off, 1, off, 1)†††††††† ††††††††††† 1.625-.0=1.625

2:††††††††††† Summerville†††† (off, 2, 10, 5, off, 0, off, 2)†† ††††††††††† 2.375-.2=2.175

3:†††††††† Spring Valley†† (off, 3, 12, 8, off, 0, off, 3)†† ††††††††††† 3.250-.0=3.250

3:†††††††† Hilton Head††† (off, 7, 9, 8, off, 0, off, 2)†††††††† ††††††††††† 3.250-.0=3.250

5:††††††††††† Lexington††††††† (off, 4, 10, 8, off, 0, off, 5)†† ††††††††††† 3.375-.0=3.375

5:†††††††† Fort Mill††††† (off, 8, 8, 9, off, 0, off, 2)†††††††† ††††††††††† 3.375-.0=3.375

7:†††††††† Irmo†††† ††††††††††† (off, 5, 10, 8, off, 1, off, 5)†† ††††††††††† 3.625-.0=3.625

8:†††††††† Byrnes††††††††††† (off, 6, 11, 8, off, 1, off, 7)†† ††††††††††† 4.125-.0=4.125

9:†††††††† Rock Hill†††††† (off, 10, 10, 10, off, 0, off, 4)†††††††††† ††††††††††† 4.250-.0=4.250

10:††††††††††† Stratford††††††††† (off, 9, 11, 13, off, 1, off, 1)†† ††††††††††† 4.375-.0=4.375


1SCMAT isnít up yet, so it isnít factored in yet.2SCVARSITY has their rankings up.314-# of returning State Qualifiers.414-# of wrestlers ranked by SCVARSITY.514-# of wrestlers ranked in the top 8 by SCMAT.6# of in-state losses, regardless of class.712-# of Power Ranked teams, also Ė2 points for competing in a Tournament*.8Highest Placement in a Tournament*.9(.1) will be subtracted from the final points for each win over a Power Ranked team.


*Tournaments included are:Palmetto State Classic, Taco Bell Invitational, Silver Fox Invitational, Bearcat Invitational, Rebel Classic, Battery Creek Duals, Wildcat Duals, Blue Devil Classic, Fort Mill Duals, or North Myrtle Beach Classic.


Dutch Fork:Due to an early season loss to Summerville, expect to see DF drop to #2 in SCVARSITY and SCMAT.This will probably put DF in the #2 spot on the Power Rankings next week.Summervilleís upsets at 140, 152, and 171 gave them the momentum to take DF 34-23.It will be interesting to see what happens with Ross and Leone in the mix; that is, if DF and the Ville meet again.


Summerville:Summerville gets two quality wins right away over Stratford and Dutch Fork to help out their final points.The Ville got a little vengeance after a surprising runner-up finish at the Palmetto State Classic.Summerville is looking for their 3rd consecutive state title, and they are starting off their season exactly the way they want to.


Spring Valley:Spring Valley had a very impressive showing at the Palmetto State Classic, but due to their 5th place finish at the Taco Bell Invitational, look for them to drop in the SCVARSITY and SCMAT rankings.


Hilton Head:After a disappointing finish at the Palmetto State Classic, Hilton Head bounced back to a second place finish at the North Myrtle Beach Classic.With Stratford taking the NMB title, look for HH to stay put in the polls.HH is off to a quick start in their duals, as well.


Lexington:This Lexington Squad is out to prove they are contenders this year.When wrestling fans doubted their abilities, the Wildcats slammed their way into the rankings with an exciting finish at the Palmetto State Classic.They also got a nice win over Northwestern in a head to head dual.Look for this team to pull some upsets this year.


Fort Mill:There are some strong individuals on this Yellow Jacket Squad, and they seem to be filling in the holes.Once they tack a little experience onto the new faces, Fort Mill will be giving away a few poundings.Albers is looking to upset Kuhn.


Irmo:With two disappointing finishes at the Palmetto State Classic and the North Myrtle Beach Classic, Irmo might fall in the rankings.A loss to Northwestern doesnít help much, either.Look for this squad to bounce back soon, though.With strong performances by Manross, Mogan, Trone, and Clark, Irmo will be looking for some big wins to move up in status.Donít forget about little Wojoski; he isnít quite so little anymore.


Byrnes:The Rebels may be disappointed with their early season with a 7th place finish at their own tournament and a loss to Woodruff.They might drop off the rankings, as Northwestern makes some noise in the Upper State, and Battery Creek is looking mighty fine with a second place finish at the Taco Bell Invitational.Byrnes will have a tough time holding on to their spot, but with the help of JJ Davis, they just might prove themselves.


Rock Hill:After two down seasons, the Bearcats are looking to regain the glory of its past squads.Now that their football team has joined them, the Cats will be looking move up in rankings.A nice 4th place finish at the Rebel Invitational might just help them gain the respect they are looking for.Coach Walsh is doing a great job in maintaining the Rock Hill winning tradition.


Stratford:With an outstanding finish at the North Myrtle Beach Classic, Stratford will storm up the rankings.They knocked off Hilton Head and Irmo on their way to the title.I donít think they even have Capocciama in the line-up yet.The Knights have proven their worthiness, and it will show in the rankings.


I want to get all of the factors going on the Power Rankings, and you can help.Just post any teamís schedule that is ranked on the Power Rankings.I am looking for Byrnes, Spring Valley, Rock Hill, Stratford, Lexington, and Battery Creekís schedules for this season.Please post these on SCVARSITY or Email me at you enjoy the rankings.