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Prototype 2002-2003 AAAA Pre-Season Power Rankings


            This ranking includes any team who places in the top 10 of the SCMAT Rankings, the SCWCA Tournament Results, and the SCVARSITY Rankings.  The ranking system is kind of complicated; it is the average of the three polls and the number of non-returning state qualifiers (SQ from any year).  The Power Rankings will become more accurate as the Polls are updated.  Commentary on each team will follow the Power Rankings.


PR:      Team (SCMAT, SCWCA, SCVARSITY, # of Non-Returning SQ) Points

1:         Dutch Fork                   (2, 1, 2, 8)                    3.25

2:         Summerville                  (1, 2, 1, 10)                  3.5

3:         Byrnes                          (3, 3, 3, 10)                  4.75

4:         Irmo                             (4, 4, 4, 10)                  5.5

5:         Hilton Head                  (5, 5, 5, 9)                    6

6:         Fort Mill                       (7, 7, 5, 8)                    6.75

7:         Stratford                       (6, 6, 7, 11)                  7.5

8:         Spring Valley                (8, 8, 8, 12)                  9

9:         Lexington                     (10, NR, 9, 10)            10

9:         Rock Hill                      (11, 8, NR, 10)            10

11:       Battery Creek               (9, 10, NR, 11)            10.25

12:       Hillcrest                        (13, NR, 10, 11)          11.25


Note:  NR will go down as the first place not included in the ranking, but a team’s SCMAT ranking will be included.  During season, the SCWCA will not be included; it will be replaced with the number of in-state losses, best finish in a major in-state tournament* (only including SC Teams for placement), and region finish (for playoffs).


During Season

PR:      Team (SCMAT, SCVARSITY, # Non-Returning SQ, # of In-State Losses, Highest In-State Tournament Placement*) Points


During Post-Season

PR:      Team (SCMAT, SCVARSITY, # Non-Returning SQ, # In-State Losses, Highest In-State Tournament Placement*, Region Placement) Points


*Tournaments included are:  Palmetto State Classic, Taco Bell Invitational, Silver Fox Invitational, Bearcat Invitational, Rebel Classic, Battery Creek Duals, Wildcat Duals, or North Myrtle Beach Classic.  If a team competes in more than one of these events, only their highest finish will be included.


Dutch Fork:  Dutch Fork’s 6 returning state qualifiers are Matt Firtko, Kyle Kimrey, T J Selke, Andrew Benton, Eric Lambert, and Nick Leone.

Summerville:  Summerville’s 4 returning state qualifiers are Andrew Young, Ian Barker, Gerald Turner, and Jada Ross.

Byrnes:  Byrnes’ 4 returning state qualifiers are Brandon Goen, Cole Wilson, J J Davis, and Alonso Azumendi.

Irmo:  Irmo’s 4 returning state qualifiers are Anthony Manross, Jamie Clark, Josh Trone, and Mark Wojoski.

Hilton Head:  Hilton Head’s 5 returning state qualifiers are Justin Nierode, Adam Takach, Alex Piper, Chris Whetmore, and Evans Capers.

Fort Mill:  Fort Mill’s 6 returning state qualifiers are Tristan Horan, Jake Fordham, Dee Templeton, Craig Albers, Josh Sabath, and Vince Santolla.

Stratford:  Stratford’s 3 returning state qualifiers are Michael Boyd, Patrick Hazel, and Caleb Capocciama.

Spring Valley:  Spring Valley’s 2 returning state qualifiers are Brad Robinson and Will Kuhn.

Lexington:  Lexington’s 4 returning state qualifiers are T J Cofield, Michael Phelps, Ryan Reedy, and Caleb Wilkes.

Rock Hill:  Rock Hill’s 4 returning state qualifiers are Chris Jackson, Roderick Wright, Jason Starnes, and Michael Grase.

Battery Creek:  Battery Creek’s 3 returning state qualifiers are Zach Johnson, Alvin Simmons, and Curtis Graham.

Hillcrest:  Hillcrest’s 3 returning state qualifiers are Stephen Fulmer, Chris Washington, and Grady Baggett.


            If a returning state qualifier does not wrestle this season, they will not be counted towards their school’s SQ total.  The Commentary section will be a little more in-depth when I know that the Power Rankings will exist.


This is just an idea that I came up with over the weekend.  I would like feedback, so just send an email or post a message on one of the post-boards.  The Power Ranking’s existence depends on your approval, so, please, take the time to give me your insight.