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AAAA Upper State Wrestling Window

Monday February 17th, 2002



A couple mistakes slipped out in my rankings on Sunday February 16th, here are the updated individual rankings at weight classes 125, 189, and 215


1. David Acosta (Hillcrest, SO) keeps on winning…luck running out? Or is he that good?

2. Elliot Courter (Mauldin, FR) TOUGH FROSH! Beat t thompson

3. T. Thompson (Spring Valley) wrestled great at irmo this weekend

4. James Gibson (Byrnes) was pinned by t thompson

5. Demetrious Williams (Rock Hill, FR)

6. Jared Moore (Lexington, SO) improving…lost lead and regained it to beat keeter

7. Keeter (Fort Mill, FR) freshman mistakes…needs to put 2+2 together to get to state

8. McCormick (Westside, FR) region I competitor

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Perry Morgan (Dorman), Forfeit (White Knoll), Ricky Johnson (O-W), Forfeit (Region II)


1. Brandon Goen (2002 103 3rd-Byrnes, JR) too bad the match was over Friday night before 112, I was looking forward to robinson vs. goen

2. Brad Robinson (2002 103 SQ-Spring Valley, SR) Wrestling well right now

3. Clayton Blackstone (2002 103 SQ-White Knoll, SO)

4. Emerson (Northwestern)

5. Travis Beck (Rock Hill, FR)

6. Robbie Kelly (Hillcrest, FR) where did he come from? He just wins!

7. Tyler Davis (Easley, SO) tough wrestler

Other Upper State Qualifiers:  C. J. Schaffer (Lexington), May (Greenwood), Jamie Owens (Laurens), ? (Gaffney), Shamar Holden (O-W)



1. Brantley Hooks (Byrnes, FR) the man to beat!

2. Chris Jackson (2002 103 4th-Rock Hill, JR) reappeared from the blue yonder at region

3. T.J. Cofield (2002 112 SQ-Lexington, JR) lost to alston before

4. Mitchell Alston (Fort Mill, FR) keeps on impressing, dropped back in OT to TJCo

5. Marcus Bostic (Ridge View) 3rd at bearcat and impressive

6. Thomas (Hanna) has one move from a front headlock…and he pins people with it

7. Hawthorne (Mauldin) had Thomas on the ropes at region…then got stuck

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Coker (Hillcrest, SR) Ben Accinelli (Dorman), Perry (Laurens), Forfeit (White Knoll), David Fields (O-W)



1. Jake Fordham  (2001 112 SQ, 2002 112 SQ-Fort Mill, SR) pressure of duals is off

2. Michael Franks (2002 125 SQ-Laurens, SR) bearcat champ, what else can you say?

3. Morgan McCoy (Lexington, JR) on an uproar and wrestling well…can it continue?

4. Adam Delk (Spring Valley, SR) pinned by fordham at region

5. James Smith  (Mauldin) region champ over a tough mccarley

6. Robbie Miskelly (Rock Hill, SO)

7. McCarley (Westside, SR) could surprise some people

8. Kasey Bennett (Hillcrest, FR) still young

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Collins (Byrnes), Rivera (Spartanburg), Forfeit (White Knoll), Reginald Triewell (O-W)



1. Antonio Knox (2001 112 SQ, 2002 119 4th-Northwestern, SR) Heads over Heels

2.  *** Steven Fulmer (2002 119 SQ-Hillcrest, JR) * out for season*

2. Patrick Kelley (Mauldin) Beat Fuller

3. Bryant Fuller (Spring Valley, JR) Solid weekend at Irmo; beat peay 4-3

4. Peay (Byrnes)

5. Rocky Bolden (2002 119 SQ-Hanna, JR) can he qualify again this year?

6. Parker (Rock Hill)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Shultz (Dorman), Kemp (Laurens), Brian Graves (Lexington), Travis Smith  (White Knoll), Forfeit (O-W)


1. Dee Templeton (2001 103 SQ-Fort Mill, JR) starting to consistently win

2. Busch Mallach (Spring Valley) loss to templeton 9-3

3. Brandon Franks (Laurens) leg rider

4. Logan Coones (Hillcrest, JR) 2-1 vs. Shea this year; 3-2 career

5. Cody Galloway (Northwestern)

6. John Shea (Mauldin) has caught coones before

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Lansford (Spt), Mike Peay (Byrnes), Taylor Ray (Lexington), Matt Horton (White Knoll), Forfeit (O-W), Bradley Filter (Easley, JR)


1. J.J. Davis (2002 130 3rd-Byrnes, SO) will be fun match to watch vs. Isgrigg

2. Blake Isgrigg (Mauldin, SR) can score points! Not a pinner

3. Mark Lee (Lexington) majored maxwell

4. Sutton Maxwell (Fort Mill, SR) beat Hayward by seven

5. Chris Hayward (Spring Valley, SO)

6. Brett Prescott (Laurens)

7. Alan Harper (Westside, SR) the surprise of the weight class, loss to isgrigg 9-5

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Hayes (Northwestern), Van Parker (Hillcrest, FR), Eric Lynch (White Knoll), Forfeit (O-W), Lux (Gaffney),


1. Caleb Wilkes (2001 SQ Lexington, SR)

2. Jason Starnes (2002 145 4th -Rock Hill, SR) can he be consistent?

3. Ross Rudolf (Spring Valley) beat lemus

4. Kevin Smith (2002 140 SQ-Mauldin, SR)

5. A.J. Massey (Northwestern)

6. Michael Lemus (Byrnes)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Charlie Horton (Laurens), Lafaille (Westside), Splawn (Hanna), Hill (Dorman), Josh Williams (White Knoll), Forfeit (O-W)


1. Ryan Reedy (2000 119 SQ, 2001 135 SQ, 2002 140 3rd-Lexington, SR)

2. Alonzo Azumendi (2002 152 SQ-Byrnes, SR)

3. Tim McGaha  (2002 152 SQ-Mauldin, SR)

4. Liventa Murray (Rock Hill, SO)

5. Chap Manning (Spring Valley, SO)

6. Brian Koss (Hillcrest, SR)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Dixon (Northwestern), Baker (Greenwood), Bryant Hall (White Knoll), Eugene Wright (O-W), Brown (Spartanburg), Skinner (Dorman)


1. Randy Nazionale (2001 145 2nd, 2002 152 3rd-Ridge View, SR) bumped up

2. Tyler Tollison (Lexington, SR) beat jenkins

3. Tyler Adams (Spring Valley, SR)

4. Jack Jenkins (Hillcrest, JR) straight up athletic and exciting to watch

5. George Tenney (Hanna) overtime and last second loss to jenkins

6. Stewart Good (Rock Hill) bearcat finalist

7. Ryan Ashmore (Laurens) solid wrestler, loss to jenkins

8. Bennett (Dorman) heard through the is one to look out for

Other Upper State Qualifiers:? (Spartanburg), Latimer (Westside), Chris Williams, Courtney Williams (O-W)



1. Craig Albers (2002 160 3rd- Fort Mill, JR)  Won last two vs. Kuhn; beat pressley

2. Warren Pressley (2002 152 SQ-Spartanburg, SR) Could beat anyone

3. Will Kuhn (2002 160 1st-Spring Valley, SR) doesn’t own albers anymore

4. Willie Dye (Northwestern) beat neece

5. Phillip Neece (Lexington) won region

6. Stuart Jennings (White Knoll),

7. Ramsey (Easley, FR) won region

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Miller (Greenwood), Steven Richards (Dorman), ? (Laurens), Kinard (Mauldin), Alvin Mitchell (O-W)


1. Michael Grase (2002 189 SQ-Rock Hill, JR)

2. Vince Santolla (2002 215 SQ-Fort Mill, JR)  pinned Miller

3. Anthony Miller (2001 171 SQ-Byrnes, SR)

4. Daniel Lyons (Northwestern) Defeated Skelly

5. Rice (Laurens) Defeated Skelly

6. Brandon Skelly (Lexington, JR) Defeated Jones

7. Nick Jones (Hillcrest, SR)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Ibarra (Mauldin), Popham (Westside), A. J. Burgess (White Knoll), Halligan (Spartanburg), Forfeit (O-W)


1. Josh Sabath (2002 171 SQ-Fort Mill, SR) Won last match up vs. Barton

2. Charles Barton (Spartanburg, SR) 2-1 vs. Sabath

3. Andrew Teague (Rock Hill) Has defeated Sabath before, but lost at least twice

4. Hunter Van Buren (Lexington) lost to Sabath 6-1

5. John Caraway (Easley, SO) won region

6. Trey Moss (2002 215 SQ-White Knoll, JR)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Lee (Westside), Ward (Northwestern), Joe Thomason (Hillcrest), Smith (Gaffney), Alfomus (Dorman), Jacobie Keitt (O-W)


1. Scott Carroll (Lexington, JR)

2. Brett Porterfield (Spring Valley, SR)

3. Donald Bluhm (Byrnes)

4. Alexander (Hanna)

5. Chris Clifton (Rock Hill, SO)

Other Upper State Qualifiers: Kennedy (Easley), Browning (Dorman), Kenny Nixon (White Knoll), Broderick Hook (O-W), Tim Slice (Hillcrest), ? (Region II), Rawlinson (Northwestern)