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  Not much has changed in the low country about wrestling over the past week, but from what I see Hilton Head and Summerville have a chance to face each other nine times this year Palmetto Invitational, Dreher Invitational, Tiger Holiday, Battery Creek Duals, Region Match, Region Ind., State Duals, Lowerstate, and State. This should be very interesting because normally these teams only face each other maybe four times a year. This should be the test if Hilton Head will really be a competitor this year. Also the Hargray Invitational at Beaufort should be another interesting tourney this year due to the snow last year in Rock Hill many teams did not make it. But, this year with many of those teams retuning it should be good.

Did you know: Only two teams have ever won the Battery Creek Duals and only two teams have ever won the South Carolina Dual Championship. Rock Hill and Summerville. It is proven that the team that wins this tourney goes on to win the state title.